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What is an AirFit™ BackRest ?

The AirFit™ is an efficient, and practical back care solution. Using self-inflating technology, the AirFit™ weighs only 6 ounces, inflates automatically, and provides full adjustability for individualized support. It can be taken with wherever you go and works as a portable ergonomic seating system. Use the AirFit™ at home, in the office, at work, while driving a vehicle, or with most chairs, and in most seating situations.

The AirFit™ is covered with a durable, non-slip fabric, and has been designed to support posture, and the natural curve (lordosis) of the low back (lumbar spine). By improving alignment, the AirFit™ can help reduce stress, strain, injury, stiffness, soreness, and pressure in sensitive spinal structures (the joints, discs, ligaments, nerves, and muscles). Regular use of the AirFit™ can improve seating comfort, provide relief, and help prevent future back pain, improve back care, help you feel better, be less fatigued, and be more relaxed throughout the day, at home, work, and at play.

How is the AirFit™ BackRest different from other types of low back seating supports ?

The AirFit™ is uniquely adjustable and provides a customized personal fit and comfort. Since it adjusts to your shape and low back contours it is different then other backrests which only come in one size and don't fit most users comfortably. The AirFit™ also has a narrow profile so it won't push you forward in your chair which is a common complaint with most other types of backrest. You also maintain upper back contact with the chair when using an AirFit™.This is particularly important for taller users who need the entire seat depth for comfort. The product also rolls up and is easy to take with wherever you go. It weighs only 6 ounces. The AirFit™ can be atttached to most seats or chairs with the optional AirFit™ Cover with Attaching Straps which is sold seperately.

How does the AirFit™ BackRest work ?

The AirFit™ incorporates specialized Self-Inflating Technology (S.I.T.) into its design. S.I.T. to provide full adjustability for an individualized level of support to the curve (lordosis) of the low back. The outer shell of the AirFit™ is constructed of an impermeable, durable, and non-slip fabric. Internally the AirFit™ contains polyurethane foam that expands when the valve is open, and can then be compressed to provide a user determined level of firmness . The patented easy twist valve controls the air flow so the user can select just the right amount of firmness making the AirFit™ comfortable, adjustable, and portable too. The AirFit™ fills in the space between the lower back and the chair. This supports the natural curve of the spine, and promotes a natural forward tilting of the pelvis - supporting the spine in a more healthy and natural alignment (good posture) when sitting.

I already have a lumbar support built into my car seat or office chair, but they don't feel right, so why should I use an AirFit™ ?

The trend is toward a better understanding of the importance of correct ergonomics when sitting. Increasingly seating designers are supplying pre-installed lumbar supports in newer car models and office task chairs, some of which are adjustable. These supports may work adequately, however, in many cases the user will find that the pre-installed backrest doesn't quite address their individual needs for support. Often these supports may not feel just right because people come in so many different shapes and sizes.

The AirFit™ however, is a fully adjustable, custom-fitting product that provides an individualized level of support to the low back when sitting. Both the firmness, and vertical position can be controlled by the user for a personal level of comfort and support.

How can using the AirFit™ help relieve my pain, and prevent future back problems ?

Most people think of sitting as restful. But research has shown that sitting actually creates increased pressure in the discs of the lower spine. This problem is made worse when we slouch. Most seats or chairs lack adequate lumbar support which can contribute to slouching. Prolonged and repetitious slouching can increase strain in the area causing damage or injury to the spinal discs.

When used according to instructions the AirFit™ prevents slouching by supporting the natural curve of the lower back (lordosis) when sitting. Lower back support when sitting also encourages forward tilting of the pelvis. Back specialists commonly recommended that patients support the lordosis, and sit with the pelvis tipped forward slightly to help manage and prevent back related problems. When supported correctly the discs and joints of the lower spine are aligned in a position which mechanically is less stressful, and can help prevent future injury and pain.

When is the best time to use an AirFit™ BackRest ?

Common sense tells us that itís best to take care of health problems before they get severe. Back conditions are not unique in this regard. Like brushing your teeth to prevent tooth decay, or watching your diet to reduce the risk of heart disease, when it comes to our spines similar factors are at play. Ideally it would be best to practice good back hygiene before a problem develops; unfortunately, people often don't seek solutions until their back is really out of whack.

Generally, its best to practice good back hygiene before pain becomes severe; unfortunately, people often don't seek solutions until their back is really out of whack. It may be difficult to appreciate the benefits of therapy, or any back care product when back pain is at its worst. At times like this the area may be so sensitive, and tender that nothing seems to help.

However, the good news is that taking care of your back, and using an AirFit™ once your back has settled down can help prevent future reoccurrences. This is the time to take care of your back. Like brushing and flossing to prevent tooth decay. Like watching your cholesterol to help prevent a heart attack. When your back pain is not too acute, or severe, this is the best time to start using a backrest. This is when you'll tolerate an better, and in the long run, appreciate it the most.

The AirFit™ can be used throughout the day. At home, at work, while driving, traveling, at the theater, when working on the computer, in just about any seating situation. Whenever you may be sitting, especially for extended periods of time the AirFit™ provides lower back support to help prevent lower back pain for welcome relief and comfort.

What are the benefits of good posture when sitting ?

Slouching when we sit can injure the back and lead to back aches and pain. When the spine is supported correctly and in good alignment there is less risk of injury to the discs, spinal joints and tissues. When you sit with your back supported with good posture you can help prevent future problems from developing, and you are more comfortable, less fatiqued, and more productive throughout the day.

Why does the AirFit™ BackRest not come with straps to attach to my chair ?

Backrests are often difficult to position correctly when attached to chairs. The AirFit™ BackRest has been designed for use in most seating situations without needing to be attached to your chair.

When used according to instructions, most users find that they are able to comfortably position their AirFit™ BackRest on most chairs achieving desired comfort.


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