AirFit BackRest. Lower Back - Lumbar Support Cushion for Sitting
Satisfaction Guarantee. AirFit BackRest. Lower Back - Lumbar Support Cushion for Sitting

  Use the basic Pelvic Rocking Motion.
Treat your back right.
Get your back... back into shape.


Easy to Use.


Make the AirFit™ BackRest - and this smart back care conditioner part of your daily routine.

Simple but efficient. The basic Pelvic Rocking Motion may be the answer for you. Troubled with back pain or stiffness. This easy move may give a tender lower spine the attention it needs. The basic Pelvic Rocking Motion can help get your back working again. The basic Pelvic Rocking Motion and an AirFit™ BackRest can help you -
  • Soothe an aching back.
  • Relieve pain.
  • Improve flexibilty.
  • Restore mobility.
  • Increase circulation in the discs, and spinal tissues.
  • Settle down an irritated nerve.
  • Loosen stiff spinal joints.
  • Relax tense tight back muscles.
Get started, prepare yourself, and take the next step towards feeling your best. Learn the basic Pelvic Rocking Motion. The perfect compliment for a spine getting the support it needs with a new AirFit™ BackRest.

See how the simple but smart basic Pelvic Rocking Motion works. Click here to view the basic Pelvic Rocking Motion exercise then "click autoplay".

Most people appreciate the benefits of this exercise. Try it before getting out of bed in the morning. Use it while relaxing in the evening before retiring. Do it for several minutes each session. No need to overdo it. Roll your pelvis through the natural range of motion over and over again. Just nudge any discomfort at the end point of each movement. Don't force anything. If you experience discomfort you may need to back off some. Don't press into pain, eventually you should be able to move through it without a problem. Aching or discomfort afterwards are normal, and can be expected - but should be temporary - and should ease away after a while. What's more important though is how do you feel the next day ? Has your back settled down some ? Are you feeling looser abit ? Is your back less sensitive and tender ? Is your back problem slowly but progressively moving in a more positive direction ?

Most users do well and appreciate the benefits of the basic Pelvic Rocking Motion featured here. However in many cases back pain sufferers should see their doctor. Please click the links below for further advice.

When to Seek Professional Care

By adjusting your chair you can improve ergonomics and increase comfort when sitting. You can help prevent lower back problems and find relief from lower back pain when sitting.  The AirFit™ BackRest is a fully adjustable back support cushion and can improve lower back ergonomics when sitting.

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