AirFit BackRest. Lower Back - Lumbar Support Cushion for Sitting
Satisfaction Guarantee. AirFit BackRest. Lower Back - Lumbar Support Cushion for Sitting

  Seating Comfort -
When & Where You Need It the Most.

Rolls up. Weighs less then 6 ounces. Completely portable. The AirFit™ travels
with you for comfort, and lower back support anywhere you go.

Easy to Use.


Use in the car for back comfort and lower back support and relief when driving. Travels with you for to help prevent lower back injury whenever, and wherever you sit.

  • Driving a Car, Truck, or Bus.
  • At the Computer.
  • Work, Home, or Office.
  • Plane, Train, or Bus Travel.
  • School.
  • Working out at the Gym.
  • Theater, Sporting Events, Place of Worship.
  • Dentist Chair.
  • Restaurants.
  • Waiting Rooms.

Learn how to easily roll-up the AirFit™ for comfort when
and where you need it the most  - 
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See how AirFit™ Self-Inflating Technology works.
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