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AirFit™ BackRest. When using any backrest support product, basic precautions should always be followed;

Keep in mind that your new AirFit™ BackRest may take some time to get used to. Most people, however, find immediate comfort with initial use. Be patient. If you have never used a backrest before, your AirFit™ BackRest may take a few days for you to adjust to sitting with lumbar support. Your AirFit™ BackRest should not in any way cause you pain, or discomfort. If it does, try adjusting the firmness as described elsewhere in these instructions. If discomfort persists discontinue use immediately, and consult your health care provider for further advice.

Use the AirFit™ BackRest only for its intended purpose. Always use care and caution when adjusting your AirFit™ BackRest when driving any motor vehicle. If necessary its best to re-adjust firmness when parked, or not moving. Do not use as a floatation device. Never expose the AirFit™ BackRest to flame or sparks. Like most fabrics and polyurethanes, this product is flammable. Do not expose the AirFit™ BackRest to long periods of direct sunlight which may gradually destroy the fabric. Sharp pointy edges, and objects can damage your AirFit™ BackRest. Puppies can chew the valve, and cats like to sharpen their claws on the AirFit™ BackRest. Puncturing, cutting, or tearing your AirFit™ BackRest with any sharp object will void your warranty.

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