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"Get Your Back on the Right Track"
It's a fact, most back problems are preventable.The new AirFit™ BackRest is a versatile seating comfort product thats easy to use, and helps prevent back pain.The AirFit™ improves spine alignment and posture when sitting. It has specialized Self-Inflating Technology. Simply twist the patented valve - the AirFit™ fills with air automatically, and adjusts for just the right fit.The AirFit™ weighs only 6 ounces, and can be rolled-up and taken with for comfort whenever, and wherever needed. In the car, on a plane, at home, in the office, or at the theater - the AirFit™ can be used in most seating situations.The AirFit™ is comfortable, adjustable, portable, doctor recommended and backed by a warranty, and satisfaction guarantee. Most users will appreciate the healthy benefits of the new AirFit™ BackRest. The Right Fit for Fitness and Comfort™.$39.95 from FitCare Products. For more information call (248) 661-5088, or visit and find solutions to help care for your back.

"Sit Back and Relax"
Do you have pain when you sit? At work, at the computer, or when driving? The solution may be like floating on AIR. The AirFit™ BackRest was designed to help prevent chronic back pain when sitting.Most users will find relief because the AirFit™ improves low back posture and alignment. The product weighs just 6 ounces, and is fully adjustable. Dr. Recommended. The AirFit™ retails for $39.95 at medical supply and home health-care stores, or online at

"Is Your Back Out of Whack?"
Choosing the right backrest may be a simple and inexpensive remedy for a persistent and annoying problem. If your back hurts, you may want to try sitting against a bubble of air. Back care specialist often recommend the unique, and versatile AirFit™ BackRest for their patients with back pain. The AirFit™ conforms to the shape of the back to provide relief and comfort. The product weighs just 6 ounces, and rolls up for take anywhere comfort to provid support when and where you need it. Easy to use. Price $39.95. FitCare Products (248)-661-5088,

"Get your Spine in Line"
Sometimes we need a reminder to benefits of good posture. Now AIR may be proving therapeutic in a new form : backrest support cushions.The AirFit™ BackRest is effective in relieving back pain, it provides support, and positions the spine in a more natural alignment. Itís available at medical supply stores, chiropractor, and physical therapy clinics, or visit to learn more. About $40.

"Does Your Back Give You Fits When You Sit?"
Then help may be a backrest away. The new AirFit™ BackRest may let you sit for more then a bit. The AirFit™ uses self-inflating technology in a unique design that lets the user control the level of firmness. It works to lessen back pain, and provide better support and alignment for your aching spine. You can find the AirFit™ at local medical supply stores, or by looking on the web at Try an AirFit™, if it doesnít relieve your discomfort see your doctor for further evaluation.

"Pain in the Back"
An estimated 100 million Americans have occasional back pain. There are countless treatment options available: everything from back braces to chiropractic care Ė itís clear that none of them is a cure. Many people with chronic back pain use special back pillows to help them sit more comfortably. The AirFit™ BackRest is a newly developed design that contains an air capsule design and unique self-inflation technology. Back pain sufferers overwhelmingly prefer the AirFit™ because it conforms to the individual differences in anatomy of individual users. It fills the gap between the low back and the seat and supports the back correctly when sitting. The design allows allows the user to adjust the level of support to the desired degree of firmness. The new AirFit™ is available by calling FitCare Products at (248) 661-5088 or visiting the website at . Currently retails for about $40.

"Back Pain ? Your Chair May Need Some Care"
Sitting with a back ache is not a fun way to spend the day. If the problem is your chair, the answer may be the new AirFit™ BackRest. Itís a backrest that fills with air automatically, and you can adjust it to the right fit. Itís a form-fitting back cushion with as much support as you need that is designed to provide comfort, and reduce pain. (248)661-5088 or

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